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More than 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence

Neocort was founded by two entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, with a focus in business analytics projects. They identified a growing need in the advanced analytics market given the advent of new technologies in this field. They teamed up to provide solutions that allow organizations to get meaningful insights from their data, delivering Big Results! We work collaboratively, on the go and in real time.


- Microsoft PowerBI

- MSFT PowerApps

- Multidimensional modelling

- MDX / PowerQuery (M) / DAX

- SQL: SSRS / SSIS / Azure DW

- Cortana Intelligence Suite

- R

- Azure

Our Services Focus

Descriptive Analytics

Drawing from multiple data sources, we help our clients identify patterns that allow them to understand historic performance and business outcomes. We provide solutions through various technologies to consolidate data and provide access to information securely, real time and interactively.

Predictive Analytics

We create statistical prediction models and mechanisms that help clients understand the future of their business, based on probabilities.
"This is what might happen."

Prescriptive Analytics

Using adaptive predictive modeling, optimization and simulation models, we help our clients evaluate the effect of decisions, assess their impact in order to choose the best course of action.

Some of our Clients

Success Stories

An e-commerce group that builds direct-to-consumer global brands, all powered by data.

They deliver experiences, launch movements, reaching up communities of millions in the US and worldwide.

This company is a leader in a high-volume, low-margin, high-velocity business. Any mistake can be the difference between a successful campaign or working at a loss.

To achieve its mission, they uses hundreds of datasets from different platforms, formats and frequencies.

The main challenge was to design an state-of-the-art architecture that could consolidate various data sources (Netsuite (sales and costs), Paypal/Stripe/VISA/Master (payment gateways), Shopify (sales platform), Facebook/Instagram/TikTok (social networks)

We designed and implemented a cloud solution that allows for a single source of truth, on which predictive and performance marketing models work.

A leading global food and beverage company based on fast-growing, health-focused categories in three businesses: dairy and plant-based essentials, waters and specialty nutrition.

For them, we develop powerful products to ingest data from thousands of payment devices (POS) located in supermarkets, medium and small businesses in LATAM, cleanse and transform the data according to business needs, and place it in a data warehouse, where product and business teams consume the data to build and revolutionize their prediction models.

Our experienced team creates amazing user interfaces that allow internal customers and partners to seamlessly interact with their data, creating an exceptional experience.

We help our clients unlock their data’s full potential while helping save valuable time and resources.

A global wine and spirits group, with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of the industry with 240 premium brands available in over 160 countries.
Our collaboration with them spans over 6 years. We have several specialist teams dedicated to solving complex data problems from building KPI and dashboard for several functional departments across the globe, design automated and auto-training machine learning models capable of making millions of decisions per second, predicting the outcome of a marketing campaign through real-time simulation or estimating future demands.

Top engineers from NEOCORT collaborate with fellow world class engineers and data scientists in more than 12 countries across Americas, Africa and Europe, leading the teams behind several systems at the core of it’s online market’s decisioning system.

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